Quiz: Which Invincible are you?

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May 15 marks 12 years since Arsenal became the first English team in 115 years to go through an entire league season unbeaten.

To mark that anniversary, we've created the below quiz. Which Invincible are you? Find out by answering these questions.

Which Invincible are you?

In 2003/2004, magic happened as the Gunners went unbeaten in the Premier League, something no top-flight side had done for 115 years. As we look back on that unforgettable season, which member of the team is most like you?

Thierry Henry

You're a silky smooth operator who brings creativity, pace and a cutting edge to any team. Outwardly, you're calm under pressure, but beneath the surface you have rock solid drive and determination, and won't take rubbish from anybody.

Patrick Vieira

You're a natural leader who inspires everyone around you, and are able to bring the best performances out in anyone you work with, regardless of their level of talent.

Ashley Cole

You're a competitive person who doesn't mind mixing things up to get the job done. Fiery at times, you're valued by team-mates and colleagues, even if you divide others.

Dennis Bergkamp

You're a creative soul who sometimes gets overlooked because of your cool and calm nature. You have superstar talent and the ability to inspire colleagues to greater things through your example and deeds.

Freddie Ljungberg

You're a free-spirited adventurer by nature, someone who excels by doing things a little differently from everyone else. You're willing to go your own way even when you're part of a particular system, and have the talent to find success by breaking the rules.

Sol Campbell

You're solid and dependable, if a little conservative in approach at times. You lead by example and are willing to put in the hard yards. Although you consider yourself a loyal person, you are willing to change direction or seek new opportunities if needed.

Jens Lehmann

You're solid and dependable, and have a knack for fixing mistakes and cleaning up other people's mess. You say things as they are - and are well-respected as a result.

Robert Pires

You're a talented individual who succeeds while looking elegant and unruffled. You make a big difference to any team you're part of, and are well-liked by many people. You have a fiery personality at times, but it's just your passion coming through.

What's the key to winning?

Rock-solid defence

Creative attack

Which would you rather be?



Where would you rather work?

In your home country


Which do you prefer to rely on?

Creativity and working things out on the go

Strategy, plans and structure

On a scale of 0-5, where 0 is quiet and shy and 5 is the life of the party, you'd be which score?




Who would you least like to see win the Premier League?




Manchester United

When sudden change happens, how do you tend to react?

I adapt quickly

I take a moment to gather myself before adjusting

I get thrown into chaos for a bit, before getting my head around it

When it comes to rules and regulations, policies and plans, you believe:

Sticking to the rules will have a better outcome

Sometimes you have to go outside the rules to do a better job

Which European country would you most like to visit?







YES OR NO: You like jobs and tasks that are fast-paced with tight deadlines



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