Alexis - Why I try to help Tocopilla

Alexis says he helps children back in his hometown in Chile so they can avoid “going down the wrong path”.

The 27-year-old has funded two artificial football pitches in Tocopilla, while he also organises events and hands out presents whenever he returns.

Alexis says he feels a sense of responsibility to be a good role model and provide for those who cannot afford it.

“I built two football pitches because I wanted young kids to have a decent pitch to play on, because I didn't have one when I was younger,” he told Arsenal Player.

“I'm lucky because I've had the opportunity to leave the country and play football, but it's a small town and opportunities are not common.

“People can end up going down the wrong path with alcohol and drugs, and that's bad news for kids. When I'm there I try to set up events where I play with the kids and try to boost them.

“Every time I go I try to set up events and get gifts just to see the smiles on small children's faces.

“I honestly believe that children are the most important thing in the world. They learn from adults and it's very important to be good role models.”

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