‘We have the character for crunch time’

Ramsey celebrates
Ramsey celebrates

Arsene Wenger has stressed his confidence that his squad has the character to handle the intensity of the Premier League run-in.

The Gunners’ credentials have been questioned after a dip in form - although they remain in the fight for the title.



“It will be passionate for sure because there is a lot at stake and it’s always been like that,” he said. “The fans are very close [at White Hart Lane], the pitch is not too big.

“We have more maybe duels than usual in the game on the pitch and the pitch is quick as well, so that favours a very quick game.

“They have always been good games in the last 19 to 20 years and they always had good teams, Spurs. They have made progress.

“Now this is crunch time in the last 10 games and we will see. That’s why maybe everybody has a big interest in the game.

“I feel we are ready, yes. What gives you belief is the quality of the spirit. I think [my players] have character, of course they have character.

“The thing about a derby is that it’s unpredictable, it’s very unpredictable. Before the game you prepare to focus on the quality of your game, after what will happen during the game nobody knows and that’s why we love it.”

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