Chambers - How I'm learning my trade

Calum Chambers
Calum Chambers

 By Lloyd Webb

Calum Chambers believes being around world-class defenders has helped him mature as player.

The Under-21 England international has impressed since his arrival from Southampton last year, and his versatility means he can play at both centre back and full back.

"I can watch them in games and study the way they play and that is only going to benefit me"

Calum Chambers

Chambers feels that playing with the likes of Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny has helped him progress in the game.

“All my friends think I’m mature and I guess I have had to grow up a lot,” he said. “At Southampton you get chucked into the first team at a early age and you are around people that are in their mid twenties and thirties so you have to adapt to that. I feel I have matured a lot quicker than others my age.

“Some people meet me and think I’m a lot older. I dont know if it is the way I look or the way I act but there is something that makes people think I’m older. I think the most important thing is for me is to learn.

“I’m not getting as much game time but concentrating on training, playing with the players that are here is only going to help me improve. Learning from the players like Per and Koscielny, I feel I can talk to them during sessions.

"If I want to get a bit of advice or learn something about the position, I feel it is easy to go up to them and talk to them. I can watch them in games and study the way they play and that is only going to benefit me so even though I’m not playing as many games, I’m taking advantage of it and learning.”

Calum Chambers

Calum Chambers


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