Cazorla - How I became so two-footed

Santi Cazorla has revealed how he became so two-footed.

The Spain international appears to be equally strong on both his right and left foot, with Arsene Wenger admitting he did not know which one the midfielder favoured.

Cazorla says his ambidexterity is down to hard work on the training field and a chance injury in his youth.

"Being able to use both feet is something that came quite naturally to me ever since I started playing"

Santi Cazorla

“I have always preferred the right foot, ever since I was younger,” he said at the launch of Arsenal’s 2015/16 home shirt.” I was a little bit hurt in my right ankle once, and that is when I started to use my left foot a lot more.

“Being able to use both feet is something that came quite naturally to me ever since I started playing. However, it is something I continuously work on in a very strong manner to ensure that my level never gets any lower.

“Everything comes from a base of hard work. After training sessions I would stay an extra half-an-hour and kick the ball against the wall with my weaker foot over and over again to make sure it becomes stronger and better. Players should remember that everything comes from hard work.”

Cazorla’s fine performances saw him voted third in Arsenal’s Player of the Season poll, but he is targeting further collective success next term.


“We finished the season very strongly with an FA Cup win,” he said. “We would obviously like to prepare ourselves for the new season, possibly for a better campaign in the Champions League and the Premier League.

“One of the things the team has to focus on more is mental toughness and consistency. There have been games that we have not won that we should have, so we have to be more consistent to get to the next level.”

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