Wenger - We are not in transfer mode

Arsène Wenger

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on being linked with Raheem Sterling…At the moment we are not in a transfer mode. We want to finish our season well. We have put massive effort in since the start of the season to come back into a potentially good position in the Premier League, and now we need to focus on finishing well. We have put so much effort in that it would be stupid not to finish the job well. The transfer period comes after the FA Cup final. on whether Arsenal will bid for Sterling…I do not bid for anybody at the moment. In the summer we will bid for people. At the moment we are not in transfer mode at all.on whether Arsenal are monitoring Sterling’s situation…You absolutely want me to say something that I don’t want to say. I don’t like to lie. If I say that I will and I don’t do it, then I have lied.on Sterling fitting the criteria…I promise you that you [the reporter] will be my first advisor in the summer to make the transfers.on James Milner maybe being too old to invest in…Twenty-nine is not old. As I just told you we are in front of a big game tomorrow and we are not at all focused on that.on whether he expects Liverpool to resist selling…They have the right to decide what they want but at the end of the day, in our jobs you need the agreement of the player as well.on Petr Cech speculation...There again, I can only repeat what I told you.on Milner turning down a contract at Man City…We have a big squad at the moment and it is not especially… we do not need a number of players. Contract talks at the moment are not in my mind at all. What I want is to finish well the season, and after I will make my decisions.

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