Bellerin on bouncing back from Monaco

Hector Bellerin spoke to the media after the Everton win. You can read a full transcript of what he said below:

on the victory...It was a hard game today. It was important to get the win to bounce back and I’m glad that the team gave everything and we got the win.

on how important is was to respond...It was really important for everyone. The fans deserved the win today after the performance on Wednesday and it was also important for us to get back on a run of winning ways. It was a really, really important win and it was important the team got it.


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on what life’s like for a young Arsenal player...It’s great. I train everyday with great players, get the chance to play these games and get in and around it, to play with top players and coaches. For me to take those chances and give everything I have is something I’m really grateful for.

on what the team can achieve...We just need to push as hard as we can. We’re playing for points so we need to push as hard as we can in all the competitions. We have faith to play Monaco away. The same way they can score three goals, we can as well so we don’t think we’ve lost there yet. We just need to be together and push for the best.

on catching Manchester City...It’s just four points. The league gives you loads of games so it’s just important that we do as well as we can in the big ones. We’ve shown that we can do well against big teams as well, so that’s the best we can do.

on playing in front of big crowds...It’s something that’s hard at the beginning because as a young player you’re not used to it but it’s important that once you get to know your team-mates, you just play football as you played before. The pressure at the beginning is an important thing that you need to face.

on who helped him settle...Everyone has been great, especially big names like Per and Santi. The Spanish ones like Mikel have also helped me a lot and they helped me settle in the squad. Now I feel much better, much more confident in the team thanks to them. In general every single player has been good to me.

on stepping up to the first team...When you’re still a young player you’re still talking a lot to the Spanish ones - we’re like a small family in the team - but it’s important to know the coaches, to know the staff who put you in the first team, then you’ve done a lot of the work already.

on his chance against Everton...I knew that Mesut would play it to me but Jagielka made a good block. I had my chance, sometimes it goes in, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s important to offer that attacking side to the team as well. I had my chance but hopefully next time it will go in.

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