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Arsenal Kentucky

Arsenal are a global club with fans all over the world.

This matchday, we are focusing on the Arsenal Kentucky supporters' group. Jon Guzicki manages the fan group and has let us know how and where they watch Arsenal.

Name of supporters' club: Arsenal Kentucky

Where is your club from? All over the state of Kentucky, right now we're mainly focused in Louisville and Bowling Green, but we're growing every day!

How many members are there in your supporters' club? All together, we've got well over a hundred that have come in for games, it's a matter of getting everyone together at once! Like I said, we're growing every day, and with attendances in the high thirties to low forties for most games, we want to see the huge crowds more often!

What is your favourite meeting place? We're at Molly Malone's in Saint Matthews in Louisville Kentucky, but we've also started meeting at Hilligans in Bowling Green as a satellite group!

What is your most memorable Arsenal game? Last season's FA Cup win was incredible. It was amazing - the atmosphere, the nervousness, the passion of everyone out that afternoon, and the fact that we really really had the pub rocking that day was amazing. The first of so much silverware to be lifted!

An honorable mention goes to the home win over Barcelona a few years ago because so many people wrote us off so quickly after David Villa scored. When Arshavin scored the winner I almost couldn't believe it!

Another was the second leg of the Champions League knockout stage against Milan at the San Siro in 2008. My roommate at the time was a huge Milan fan so watching the match was more tense than usual. When we scored the first goal of the tie late in the match and the team celebrated with Wenger I was euphoric - I couldn't help but run around screaming. And the second goal in stoppage time was icing on the cake!

Who is your favourite player? Alexis has to be my favorite of this season so far! His passion for the game is there for everyone to see, and I can't be alone when I say that I love it!

Alexis Sanchez

Alexis Sanchez


What does your match day consist of? We have a few pretty good matchday rituals - Bob Bertke's matchday consists of donning his red and white, heading out to Molly Malone's, ordering a pint and a mythical breakfast sandwich (an item not even on the menu, but it's a ritual and is made every week for him), and watching the game with some of the best fans in the country!

Brian starts by putting on Arsenal shirt and shoes, checking the line up on Twitter, listening to loud, high energy music to get in the right frame of mind, driving up to Molly's and sitting on his designated stool, and ordering chicken tenders and an IPA.

Jon Kamer's matchday ritual is two cups of coffee, skip breakfast because he's usually too anxious about the match and just move to some pints.

Ian says his pre-match routine is fairly simple. For midweek matches, he's always sure to wear his Arsenal shirt (the Herbert Chapman commemorative shirt is a personal favorite) under his suit along with a matching Arsenal tie.

What are your score predictions for the next game? Three people, three different predictions! Jon: 3-0. Bob: 2-1. Brian: 2-0.

What are your hopes for the rest of the season? Jon: Arsene needs the big-eared trophy! Champions League and the FA Cup, again! Bob: My hopes for the rest of the season are at least third in the league, another FA Cup, and advancing past the knock-out stage of the Champions League. Brian: Arsenal pull off the FA Cup and Premier League double.

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