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Arsenal Korea
Arsenal Korea

Arsenal are a global club with fans all over the world.

This matchday, we are focusing on the Arsenal Korea supporters' group. Bumyun Hahn is part of the fan group and has let us know how and where they watch Arsenal.

Name of supporter club: We are now officially Arsenal Korea, but before we had been accredited by Arsenal, we were known as Ashburton Korea.

Where is your club from? We are located in Seoul, South Korea.

How many members are there in your supporters' club? We have 1643 members, including 184 who have paid for membership.

What is your favourite meeting place? We love to meet at a bar called "Woo Sa Mal" which is an abbreviation of a sentence meaning "Let's talk about love".

What is your most memorable Arsenal game? Our members have chosen the Champions League home match against Barcelona in 2011, where we defeated them 2-1.


Arsenal 2-1 Barcelona

Arsenal 2-1 Barcelona


Who is your favourite player? One of our members said Dennis Bergkamp, and a lot of people agreed. Among current players, Theo Walcott was pointed out as our favourite.

What does your match day consist of? Premier League matches usually start in the middle of the night, mostly around 11pm or 1am, so we can't set official meetings for every match. However, whenever there is an official meeting held by the supporters' club, it's a party! We usually have a Korean-style barbecue party for dinner, and prepare for the night with alcohol. After the match, we just sit there and have chats and drinks all night long until the next morning. No matter how Arsenal played, we just can't stop!

What are your score predictions for the next game? We have some injured players and Sunderland need victory desperately after their large defeat, so it might be a tough game. Our members expect a 2-1 win.

What are your hopes for the rest of the season?
We are quite realistic Gooners and all we want is our players to come back from injury and get a place in the Champions League.

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