Getting to know... Minneapolis Gunners


Getting to know... Minneapolis Gunners

Arsenal are a global club with fans all over the world. 

This matchday, we are focusing on the Minneapolis/St Paul Arsenal Supporters' Group (also known as MSPGooners). Eric Grafnitz is part of the MSPGooners and has let us know how and where the fan group watch Arsenal. 

Name of supporters' club: Minneapolis/St Paul Arsenal Supporters or MSPGooners.

Where is your club from? We are from Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota. It's also known as the Twin Cities.

How many members are there in your supporters club? Based on match attendance and knowing when some people aren't around, I'd put us in the 150-200 range.

What is your favourite meeting place? We meet at a pub in downtown Minneapolis called The Local.

What is your most memorable Arsenal game? The obvious answer would be the FA Cup final. My all-time favourite match to watch at the pub was Arsenal at Newcastle to end the 2012/13 league season. When Bale scored for Tottenham late in their match, the Tottenham supporters all came over to watch Arsenal hoping something would happen. Then they all walked away before the final whistle.

Who is your favourite player? All-time it's Thierry Henry. Right now: Aaron Ramsey.

What does your matchday consist of? The hope is to get to the pub a little early to set up our "family table" in the back. We move two or more tables together and have seats all around. It is designed to have people who don't know each other sitting together to watch the match. I will usually include myself at this table. From there, we eat breakfast, we watch Arsenal, and we sing songs. I make it a point to walk around to meet as many people as I can.

What are your score predictions for the next game? I'd like a 2-0 Arsenal win over Tottenham with one goal early, and another right before half-time. If Arsenal score more goals, we are ok with that!

What are your hopes for the rest of the season? We'd like to see Arsenal build upon their success from last season with their improved squad. That means getting closer to the Premier League title or Champions League trophy. As long as Arsenal are making steps in the right direction to get closer to those goals, I will be satisfied.

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