VIDEO: Welbeck interview - part two

Danny Welbeck became Arsenal's fifth signing of the summer on Monday and you can watch part two of his first interview right here. Below is a transcript and you can watch part one here.

Danny, there's a real English core in this Arsenal squad. Who do you already know and what have they said to you about the club?

I know a lot about Arsenal. I don't think there are many people in England who won't know about Arsenal and what a big club this is. The stadium is fantastic and [the team] has got a legendary manager and magnificent players who have also been brought in. I know the England lads from the camp.

I met Calum Chambers for the first time [on Monday]. All they have said to me are good words about the club and how big the family is in and around the training ground. It seems like a family club and that's something that's really enticing. I'm so glad to be here.

With England you train at London Colney, so you know the facilities already...

"I have loved watching Thierry Henry since I was a little kid"

Danny Welbeck

Yes, I've trained on a few of the pitches already, so it's not a brand new setting for me. I've trained here for the last few days with England and I'm really looking forward to training there for a very long time.

How beneficial is it for the national team to have this core of English talent working together at the same club?

It's going to be a massive positive for us. We'll be seeing each other every single day and you obviously develop a much better understanding if you're working with one another on a consistent basis. That's something that will definitely benefit the England team.

Let's look at your part of the squad, with strikers like Giroud, Walcott, Alexis Sanchez and yourself, among others. There's real competition for places there...

Yes, there's definitely competition and I think once you come to a big club, there is always going to be competition. Unfortunately there are a couple of injuries at the moment but I think once everyone is fighting fit, everybody will want to be on the pitch scoring goals and that's healthy competition for the squad.

We're in the international break at the moment but the season has gone quite well for Arsenal so far. What can the team achieve this season?

You can't really look too far ahead into the future. You've got to be focused on your next game because that's always the most important. I think you take your eyes off the prize if you keep looking too far ahead so you've always got to be prepared physically, mentally, tactically. You've got to be correct in all of those situations going into a game.

You have an Arsenal link because one of your boyhood heroes was Thierry Henry…

I loved watching Thierry Henry since I was a little kid. My two idols are Ryan Giggs and Thierry Henry so to come to the club where he was and had so much success at is something you can look up to and try to stamp your own print on the club.

What's your message to the fans?

I just want them to know that I will give 100 per cent in every single game. I play with my heart on my sleeve and I'm always going to give my best. I'll try to give them so many happy days in the coming future.

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