'They appreciate the player I've become'

On August 7, Arsenal's first-team players sat down with fans at Emirates Stadium to take part in a series Q&A sessions.

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Ramsey on his summer…I got married in Antigua over the summer and then had a honeymoon in Italy. I managed to watch a couple of the World Cup games when I was allowed to!

Hayden on the World Cup…I watched pretty much every game I could. Anything that I can learn from any of the players there is going to help with my game anyway. It's great to have a multicultural squad here now and to be able to integrate with other nationalities so it's been very good.

Ramsey on who helped him recover from injury…I had a lot of people that helped me through after I broke my leg. A lot of people assured me and I had people from the sporting world leaving messages on my phone. They contacted me and gave me the advice that they had and how they managed to get through it. [I had support from] a lot of people like the medical staff and my family. A lot of people showed an interest and wanted me to get back as quickly as possible. When it happened, all sorts of things were going through my mind. It took me time to get used to playing again and getting stuck back in to the challenges, but after that, everything was alright. If any injuries like this happen to anyone else, you have to give them time to get back to their best and be a bit patient.



Ramsey on captaining Wales at a young age and if he'd like to skipper Arsenal…It was a very proud moment to be named the Welsh captain by Gary Speed at such a young age. I was over the moon the first time he told me I was going to be captain of the team. I really enjoyed it - it was the highest we've ever been in the world rankings in that short amount of time when Gary took over. The team was going in a good direction. I still feel that Wales will get to a championship one day - hopefully the next one in France. In terms of being a captain here, who wouldn't want to be the captain of Arsenal?

Campbell on being at Arsenal…I am very happy to be here at Arsenal and to be an Arsenal player. I hope this year we will win a title.

Hayden on which players he looks up to…All the players that we have in the squad are very good players and I can learn something from all of them, especially in the two positions I play - in midfield and at the back. [In midfield] you've got Aaron, Santi and Jack to look up to and [in defence] you've got Laurent and Per. Per is a very good example. He leads and he's always helping young players.

Ramsey on playing against Cardiff…I started at Cardiff. The first year I signed for Arsenal, we drew Cardiff at Ninian Park in the FA Cup, which was a really weird feeling at the time. The season before I was in the home dressing room and a few months after that I was in the away one, which was a lot smaller. It was weird because the crowd clapped me onto the pitch but as soon as the game started, there were boos. I was only 17 at the time so it was a bit of an eye-opener. Since that day, we've played Cardiff a few times and now it's fine going back there. I think they appreciated the player that I've turned in to when I went back. You just get on with it.

Monreal on differences of playing in England and Spain…It's a little bit different. I think the atmosphere in England is better. Every [stadium] is full and it's very good for us to see at least 2,000 or 3,000 Arsenal fans wherever we play. I want to say thank you to everyone for the support.


Joel Campbell

Joel Campbell and Nacho Monreal


Ramsey on his favourite away grounds…I really like going to Anfield. I like the older stadiums - I feel like the crowd are a lot closer to the pitch and you can really feel the buzz. I think Dortmund away was great too. To get the result we needed there [was good]. We needed that result too.

Miquel and Bellerin on the best players they played with at youth level…Miquel: I would probably say Fran Merida - he used to be at Arsenal. He was one of the best technical players I've ever played with.

Bellerin: Iggy was one of the guys that helped me the most. He received me with open arms in his house and he helped me with the language. I owe a lot to people like him because he made things easier.

Walcott on who would win in a sprint between him and Thierry Henry…Me! Thierry is in his 30s now so I would be very disappointed if I didn't beat him. I beat his sprint record which Hector has now broken.

Non-English players on what was strangest for them when they moved to London…Coquelin: I used to live with an English family. I was not used to eating roast dinners at 5pm. The mint sauce too!

Flamini: It's difficult - probably the dinner. [It's eaten] at 7.30 at night but I accept that. I enjoy the company of the English lads.

Miquel: Every English person that I've been around has been great to me. I'm just grateful to everyone that has supported me. It's been great to be around English people.

Bellerin on the change of coming over from Spain…It's a big change [because] aged 16, you're leaving your family, your friends and everything. I was always thinking that I was coming here to play football and to forget about everything else. I was lucky to live in digs with a really nice family that helped me a lot. Everyone at the club made everything so easy and I've settled down. I feel like Arsenal are part of my family now so I'm really happy.

on what attracted the players to join Arsenal...Szczesny: Arsene Wenger.Debuchy: I was attracted by the coach and being able to play in the Champions League.

on how they were inspired to become a footballer...Debuchy: Ever since I was a kid I was playing in my garden with a ball and my mum and my dad were both footballers, which is why I wanted to play football.

Szczesny on his save of the season...We are in pre-season so I haven't made any saves yet! I'd say the save I made against Robin van Persie v Manchester United in February last season.

on who they would like to play with past/present...Akpom: I'd love to play with Dennis Bergkamp. Obivously playing up front with Bergkamp just behind would allow you to get lots of service and some good link-up play.Ryo: Thierry Henry.

on how good Thierry Henry is...Diaby: He's tremendous. I was lucky enough to get the chance to play with him and I'm very happy for that.

on whether the goalkeepers should train with a tennis ball like Keylor Navas...Szcesny: He saves tennis ball shots, so probably not.Martinez: I think it¹s good for us to work our reactions but it's very hard!

on who is the worst driver in the Arsenal squad...Szczesny: Andre Santos.

on which team they're most excited to play against this season…Akpom: I'd say Tottenham, obviously, because the atmosphere is amazing.Ryo: Tottenham.Diaby: I'm looking forward to playing against all of the teams. The big teams that we played against last season like Man City and Chelsea.Debuchy: Newcastle.

on who their favourite Arsenal player is...Akpom: Tomas Rosicky. He's a really good player and you have to play alongside him to understand how much he helps you and gives you advice.Debuchy: My friend, Laurent Koscielny.Szczesny: Koscielny too.Martinez: I want to say Santi Cazorla.

on who their footballing hero was growing up…Szczesny: Peter Schmeichel.Martinez: Edwin van der Sar.Diaby: George Weah.Akpom: The Brazilian Ronaldo.Debuchy: Cafu.

on what the best atmosphere was at the Emirates last season...Szczesny: The [north London] derby is always good. I think last year it was the game with Napoli in the Champions League. That was the best atmosphere.

on who they'd want to play for if not Arsenal…Szczesny: Absolutely no one.

on advice Szczesny would give to young goalkeepers...Szczesny: Always enjoy what you're doing. I was not a goalkeeper by choice, I was just really bad in every other position. I was a striker and I was awful. I was nearly as bad as Chuba.

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