Wenger on winning and attacking options

Arsène Wenger

Arsene Wenger attended a press conference after Sunday's Community Shield win. Read on for a transcript:

on the performance…I felt we had a complete performance in the first half as long as we had the legs to sustain what we wanted to do. In the second half our togetherness and the third goal got us through. We defended well, we lost a bit more of the ball than in the first half and our movements were less fluent but we kept the spirit and organisation. The first half was very exciting.

on looking forward to the Premier League season…To win today gives us a positive platform to prepare but now the Premier League starts and we have to start well at home because it's a derby, it's a very uncomfortable team [we face in Crystal Palace]. It will be a different kind of game as well. Let's be on our toes and prepare well but it was important to win today.

on judging the importance of games like the Community Shield...You want to win the game and you want to look at the quality of the performance as well. I think it was important for our confidence to win the game but it was as well even more important to have a big part in the game with a quality performance. That is the comfort for me to see that we can produce the kind of quality we can produce for some long patches in the game.

"The kind of performance he delivered today is very promising. It's impressive because he hasn't got a long history in this position because he was a right back"

Wenger on Calum Chambers

on beating a top-four side…That's why it was important for us today not to lose the game. On that front we know that last year we were very consistent against the teams outside the top six and not consistent against the top six teams. The year before it was reversed so let's hope that this year it will be right on both sides.

on Calum Chambers playing centre back...I saw him there when I bought him and I play him there. For a 19-year-old he had an outstanding performance today. The kind of performance he delivered today is very promising. It's impressive because he hasn't got a long history in this position because he was a right back and I think if all goes well he has a good career in front of him.

on Chambers challenging Mertesacker…He can challenge both centre backs and that's what you want. You cannot play with two centre backs the whole season; that means he will play. You saw Monreal who played one or two games at centre back and he did well.

on Chambers' arrival and Vermaelen's departure being linked…I allowed Thomas Vermaelen to leave before the end of the season because he was not playing regularly, he behaved outstandingly the whole season with dignity. It's difficult to maintain that kind of player at the top level if he doesn't play regularly. I'm quite grateful and wish him very well because his behaviour was outstanding even if he didn't play.

on Chambers…I would have bought him anyway because he can play right back, centre back and he can play central midfield.

on replacing Vermaelen…What it does in my head is [make me think that] Chambers is among the best three and if I can find another one I will do it. But to find another one of that quality will not be easy because... Vermaelen left us and had the choice between two massive clubs. That means these clubs have looked everywhere as well and that means it's not easy to find.

on looking for a fourth-choice centre back…You make your position with your performance and you have to accept that. With the boys who have chosen to live in a competitive world, who plays? I cannot tell you. But maybe a guy who can play in two or three different positions would be a better asset for us.

on Debuchy and Alexis' performance…Debuchy was excellent, [Alexis] Sanchez was lively, still not completely ready physically but he was very exciting. He was always dangerous, always a threat and gives us great qualities on the counter-attack.

on where Alexis will play…He can play on both flanks.

on who the new captain will be…1. Arteta, 2. Mertesacker.

on Wilshere…Jack is OK.

on Gibbs…He is OK. He had a good performance today, I wouldn't like to forget him because he was outstanding for me today.

on his attacking options this season…I have more attacking options than I had for a long time - that's for sure. Three, four, five years ago, every year we lost a big player. In the last two years, we added players like Ozil and this season like Alexis so of course that strengthens the squad. I am of course very ambitious but I'm a bit cautious because I have quite a good experience. I look around and see the other teams have strengthened as well so it will be interesting to watch the Premier League because it looks like all the big teams will be very strong.

on the last time he had this competition for places…I don't know. I don't look to much behind me, I always look forward.

on winning two trophies in 85 days…I would love to win one every week, unfortunately it's not possible. Let's just win the next game.

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