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Arsenal supporters in Belarus celebrate the FA Cup victory

As we've seen from the amazing photos and video taken by our #GlobalGunners, Arsenal's FA Cup triumph was truly felt and celebrated around the world.  

We have also received messages from supporters from dozens of countries. Here's what some of them had to say.

Belarus: It was a fantastic game, fantastic emotions, and historic win. During the match we were together, and we felt like we are now in London with our lads and fans. Big thanks to you. We are all proud our team. It was an unbelievable win!

"We have kept the faith and you have answered with class! You've made us dream again!"

Bulgaria: May the 17th was eagerly anticipated in the Arsenal Bulgaria community. Record attendances in all branches saw members geared up for the final with special commemorative yellow shirts. Fans all around the country were at full voice and despite the difficult start, we were finally able to enjoy the first piece of silverware since the fan club was founded. A classic cup final won in the Arsenal way will forever be etched in the memory of 500 proud Arsenal Bulgaria members.

Canada: After the match, where I was jittering and felt like sitting on needles I went into the office to record a podcast and broke down into tears. I never thought a trophy would hit me so emotionally, but I'm truly that happy for Wenger, the players and the Club.

Egypt: Thank you very much for everything you guys have done. This was the first Arsenal trophy for many of the fans that love the club, and you ensured it would be a great one.

France: There's the easy way and there's the Arsenal way. Thank you for believing you could still do it when we were 2-0 down, the French Gunners are proud of you guys.

Germany: The match was one hell of a ride, but your awesome comeback made for a fantastic party - even in Germany! VCC

Hungary: Saturday night, with the most exciting scenario possible, you gave the Hungarian Gooners an ever-memorable experience. It was surely an unforgettable night to those more than a 1000(!) supporters who came together in Budapest from every corner of the country to cheer, shout, praise and support Arsenal throughout this dramatic final. The atmosphere was amazing! 

India: We are proud of the players and the staff. To come back from 2-0 behind, it could not have been scripted any better! It will be one of the most exhilarating moments for all of us. THANK YOU! We started it again where we left it in 2005, we are the Gooners, beware rivals, Our time has arrived! 

"You've made so many dreams come true, all over the world. We've paraded in the street just like you, and have been smiling ever since... Ooh to be a Gooner!"

Ireland: Emotions change, but one thing that never will is the endless support we have for the Arsenal through the good and the bad we remain loyal even when 2-0 down in the opening minutes. We kept the faith and it paid off. C'mon you Gunners! All the best Dublin Arsenal Supporters Club

Korea: Gunners, the winners! Remember this is just a beginning!

Kuwait: High spirit, tenacity and character were the ingredients which saw us through! Well played guys. Now let's build on this trophy and show more hunger next season!

Lebanon: Thank you for digging deep to win the Cup! You’ve made so many dreams come true, all over the world. We’ve paraded in the street just like you, and have been smiling ever since… Ooh to be a Gooner!

Macedonia: We have kept the faith and you have answered with class! You've made us dream again! Bring back the Arsenal Wonderland! COYG!

Malaysia: 120 minutes of battle but you did it! One trophy, but it made us proud from London to Malaysia.  Embrace the win and go for more!

Nepal: Gunners across Nepal are overjoyed to see our heroes capture the club's first trophy in nine years in such dramatic fashion. We are confident that this is the start of an exciting period of success for the club and that more trophies are just around the corner. Ayo Gunners!

Nigeria: "Seeing Arsenal break the jinx of the past 9 years without a trophy still remains the biggest emotional experience from our fans here. The atmosphere was and had been highly terrific in Nigeria with many fans still going gaga with an unending celebrations from different parts of the country."

Pakistan: We did it! Gooners in Pakistan are absolutely ecstatic over Arsenal’s magnificent comeback win to lift the FA Cup for a record-equaling 11th time! Hull city gave us a fright early on but Santi’s cannonball was sufficient reassurance that the Gunners would prevail and prove why they were favourites to reclaim the trophy after nine years. The match was shown live throughout Pakistan on cable television and screenings were held in both Lahore and Rawalpindi-Islamabad. The great victory and the players’ amazing resilience will re-introduce Arsenal FC to football-lovers in the country and reaffirm that class does indeed matter! Arsenal fans in Pakistan now await the new season and wish Arsene and the boys good luck for the future, with renewed hope of being Invincibles once again!

Romania: Thank you for an amazing night! May this be the first trophy of many more that will find their way to our new home.

Russia: Thank you for this win. We hope now we'll be watching new parades more often.

Scotland: A fabulous day for Arsenal Scotland members and families. Huge crowds gathered in our pubs in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow along with the lucky ones who had tickets for Wembley and another group of hardy souls who gave their support in The Rocket on Holloway Road. Every Jock Gooner gave their all for the Arsenal.

Singapore: A simply amazing day for all of us Gooners in Singapore! We went through a whole range of emotions and probably kicked every ball in those 120 minutes but it was all worth it! Thank you for a wonderful season!

"This year, we cried, we believed, we celebrated – and we never stopped singing! Congratulations and thank you all for the brilliant season - here’s to many more!"

South Africa: Congratulations to the players, manager and staff of Arsenal Football Club. Nothing else brings us together like Arsenal and we are appreciative and proud of the hard work done at the Club. We hope everyone had a great time celebrating the Cup win and long may it continue as you deserve it! We were proud of you before the game and overjoyed that all connected with Arsenal FC could share in the glory! We look forward to many more challenges that we will ALL FACE TOGETHER!! Victory through harmony!

Sudan: You made us proud and happy, together for new era full of happiness, joy and trophies.

Uganda: Congratulations to all Arsenal supporters worldwide! It's now up to the Club to maintain the winning spirit and courage to seriously see Arsenal as an ever-winning team. Supporters need happiness!

USA: This year, we cried, we believed, we celebrated – and we never stopped singing! Congratulations and thank you all for the brilliant season - here’s to many more! There's much, much more to come from you all! Always behind you, always gooner.

Vietnam: The Cup of unforgettable moments, for nearly a decade. It’s made from tears, blood and efforts of The Gunners. It’s turned a new page and a new history for the club. We are so happy and thankful to the manager and the players. Wish all of you the best to keep on going, bringing new successes. It has been 16 years watching Arsenal. Only one left who I trust all my heart, the father, Arsene Wenger. When Arsenal was 2 down, nothing could stop me believing for a fight back. Then Cazorla’s amazing free kick and Koscielny made my night before Ramsey took me high up in the sky. It was such an unforgettable and indescribable moment. Thanks you.


Arsenal supporters in Vietnam

Arsenal supporters in Vietnam


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