#AFCvMCFC: 'as live' on Arsenal Player

Matchday Show - Arsenal v Manchester City

Arsenal face Manchester City in the 'Super Match by Carlsberg in Helsinki' on Saturday - and you can follow the game on Arsenal Player with live commentary, 'as live' video replay and highlights or full match replay on demand.

Our coverage includes:

  • Matchday Show, with pre-match build-up from 2.30pm (UK time) before live commentary from 3pm  
  • 'As live' full video replay of the game from around 5pm 
  • Bitesize or extended match highlights plus full match replay will be available soon after our 'as live' replay finishes

And remember... it's all FREE with Digital Membership launching next week!

Please note that live audio and text coverage will be published on, so to avoid finding out the score before the 'as live' replay come direct to Arsenal Player at 5pm.

This game will not be broadcast live in the UK.