Lewis - Arsenal fans can expect a show from me

George Lewis is ready to dazzle in our famous red and white. 

The 20-year-old winger joined our under-23s this week after signing a professional contract, and cannot wait to get going in north London. 

Here's what he had to say after completing his move:

on how it feels to sign professional terms with Arsenal… 
No, it's really an unbelievable feeling. It feels really good right now. 

on his journey to becoming an Arsenal player…  
Yeah, I started playing football when I was maybe five years old at my local club called Stakkevollan IF, then I played there until I was about 12, then we moved and me and my brother both changed teams, so we joined the other team Tromsdalen, where I went to play for the first team. But before that I was in another team called Tromsø, who were in the top division at that time, before I came back in 2017 and then I really stayed at Tromsdalen for two years until last year where I moved to Fram Lavrik to get more opportunities playing 

on what fans can expect from him…
My playing style is very direct. I like to dribble a lot, I like to express myself on the field, so they can expect a show from me, yeah! 

on whether his friends and family support Arsenal…
Yeah, all of my family are Arsenal fans. When I was growing up, I really looked up to players like Adebayor, he was a really big role model for me, as well as Thierry Henry, and yeah, just to mention some of them. 

on gaining first team experience in the second and third tiers of Norwegian football… 
The difference with playing with men and against men is that it's probably more physical and you have to be strong in the mind because obviously when you're young you won't come through, you won't play every game, you will probably be on the bench, but you have to be strong mentally to get past that and get through that. 

on what he’s hoping to achieve with Arsenal…
What I hope to achieve is, of course, to play for the first team at Arsenal and get as many appearances and goals and assists as possible! 

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