Leno - We proved something against Liverpool

Bernd Leno
Bernd Leno

We may have had to settle for a point in a thrilling game against Liverpool, but Bernd Leno feels that our display made a big statement.

Having received criticism at the start of the season for the way we played out from the back, our German goalkeeper feels that Saturday's performance answered those questions of the team.

"It was an intense game," Leno said. "It was a good game for the fans and we also played very well. I think we deserved to win but the draw is OK because Liverpool are a big team. The way we played was very good.
"I think today we saw that we can play our way against big teams. We controlled Liverpool. We played out from the back. 

"It was not just lucky or lucky things to create from. We played the ball with passes from behind and that’s the way we want to play. 

"The coach gives us a lot of confidence to play like this and we train every day very hard with him, and in the videos as well. That’s the way we want to keep going.
"I can’t compare it because last year I was not here but I think [Emery] changed some things – of course, the way we play from behind but also to play very aggressive, the defence is getting better, controlled. We don’t always run up front with nobody then at the back. 

"Tactically, it is one step better than at the beginning of the season because it needs time and it also needs time now in the next weeks. If we work like this and play like this, we could have a great season."

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