'Kieran's not going anywhere, I really like him!'

Press conference

'Kieran's not going anywhere, I really like him!'

Kieran Tierney

Nobody has been more impressed with Kieran Tierney's performances than Mikel Arteta.

Our No 3 has become indispensable at left back, producing a string of solid displays since returning to the first-team fold last month.
So how did Arteta respond to speculation surrounding Tierney's future ahead of Sunday’s north London derby?
"He is not going anywhere," our head coach said. "I really like him. I am very impressed with him. Since I joined, just before he started to play games as well.
"Just how he was acting and working on his rehab. Everybody loves him at the club and it is not a coincidence: he earns that every single day, the way he treats people, the way he works around the way, the energy he brings to the place.
"And then with his performances I am delighted. He has adapted really, really well. He is a player that gives you everything in every session and every game and the quality as well that he is adding. He is still so young, there are still things to improve obviously, but he has been a great addition to the team.

"He had a really difficult period because of the injuries, because he moved to a different city, a different context that he had in Glasgow with a club that was winning all the time and where he was very settled. It was a challenge for him.
"He has been dealing with that in the best possible way, with some difficulties. He needed the club to support him, he needed his team-mates to make life easier for him. We are all trying to help him. You help him with pleasure because of what he brings, how willing he is all the time to work, improve and give his maximum to the team.

"Obviously it is a collective game and you need the right structure, the right people around you, the right players supporting you to play in his best position. We are learning where he feels more comfortable and how he can have a bigger impact on the team.
"It is a process we are in but he knew the league really really well and he knows the defences straight away, nobody had to explain that to him. He is just experiencing everything and I am delighted with him."

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