Jonas: "We'll push even harder next season"

Jonas Eidevall has given his reflections on our season after Saturday's resounding 5-0 win over Brighton & Hove Albion.

Here is everything he had to say:

on the performance against Brighton...

It was a good performance. I think we scored some great goals. It was good to see players leaving us getting good game time and making really good contributions to the performance as well. 

on the support this season and its potential for growth...

Of course, the support has been magnificent for such a huge part of what we're trying to build. But we can't relax and take things like this for granted. 

It's about us raising the standards on a sporting level. It's about the club continuing to invest and it's about the supporters staying loud and keeping passionate. Keep bringing this atmosphere and then we can do all those things together. I think we can push it to the next level.

on the lessons learned during this campaign...

I think we started slow and we weren't up to the level of performance that we expected at the beginning of the season. I think we have shown against the best teams around the country that we are more than capable of winning those games and I think that's been a real high of the season. It has really shown the potential of this team. 

When we're looking at the league, we're lacking six points in terms of winning the title. I think we can easily see the season where we could have gotten those six points and we need to raise the standards.

But also, of course, we need to make sure that we start next season on a higher level and that we have more tools in the box in order to solve more situations that we face during the season, in order to get those points.

That's going to be hard because we can take nothing for granted with the points that we took against the top teams this season as well. But we're prepared to do this work and come back next season and fight and push even harder to get success in the league. 

on what he's proudest of the team for...

Their bravery, the courageous way of playing football our way, no matter the situation, no matter the occasion. They represent Arsenal in a fantastic way.

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