“Jonas is the complete opposite to me!"

Vivianne Miedema has never been one to hold back the truth.

The Netherlands international has spent one full season working with Jonas Eidevall – and speaking in her latest interview, she revealed all about her honest and open relationship with our head coach, in her own humorous way.

“We can tell eachother what we think, go home, be grumpy and come in the next day and be like ‘Oh yeah, you were right yesterday!’”, said Vivianne speaking exclusively to

“He’s the complete opposite from me so maybe that’s why we work! He’s very emotional, he’s a really nice guy and he’s actually quite quiet off the pitch, but it’s really nice to obviously have somebody to bring that energy to training and I think that’s what we needed because sometimes we need a kick up the bum to just get everything together again and prepare you for the next game or switch that moment in the game, and he can definitely give us that.

“I think for him, coming in the way that he did right before the start of the season, I think he’s done really well this season and as I’ve said I think he needs a bit more time with the girls and the team to really put his way of playing into us, but it is going to be exciting and I do hope that he’s also going to be able to take us to the next level.

“He’s obviously given me the freedom to play as a 10, especially after the winter, which I’ve really enjoyed. I think that’s obviously played a big part in my decision as well. I love being able to be more on the ball and to give the team a lot more going forward rather than just basically waiting as a No 9. I think looking not just at me but the whole team, he’s given a lot of the girls a lot of confidence and I think obviously you’ve seen that in Beth this season and you’ve seen that in Steph Catley coming back in, it’s been really nice to see, and I think he’s really good in that sense.”

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