‘It’s hard to find someone better than Guardiola’

Pep Guardiola has done it all as a player and a coach.

And Unai Emery doesn’t buy the notion that Pep’s success is dependent on big budgets.

“I have analysed a lot of teams and coaches and I think it’s difficult to find one coach who is better than Guardiola,” said our head coach.

“His career is a very big career. We started together. He started with the Barcelona second team, I started with Lorca after Almeria when he was starting to train.

“I learned a lot looking at his team. It’s good to look at each other when we are coaches to learn different things between us. I think in his career he doing the best in all the coaches in the world.

“He has had the possibility to take the best players at Barcelona, in Bayern and in City little by little. He is every year improving with great players and also paying a lot for some players. But he led them, at Barcelona, Bayern and City, one step more every place.

“This for me is the quality that makes me say he is the best.”

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