'It was relentless… but the rest is history'

May 4, 1994 is a date that will forever live in the memory of Lee Dixon.

Alan Smith scored the only goal in our memorable 1-0 European Cup Winners' Cup final victory over Parma - and Lee Dixon still fondly recalls that night in Copenhagen:

"It's a game that we should've lost," Dixon said. "On paper, they were the favourites with the players they had: Asprilla, Zola and all the others.

"There were hundreds of them! And they were favourites so much that when we got to the ground on that night that there was a podium there - underneath one of the stands - for the winning team that they were going to use for the photographs and it already had Parma's name hammered on the front. There were two signs and theirs was already put on the front, which kind of wound us up before the game. But it was a lesson in how to keep the ball out of the net.
"There were parts of the game where they were swarming around our 18-yard line and we were looking over at Bouldy and going 'I've got three over here' and he'd go 'well I've got four!' and Tony [Adams] would have two and Nigel [Winterburn] would have another three. I was thinking 'they've got 15 men on the pitch here!' and if felt like that at the time.

"It was relentless. The second half especially, it was just wave after wave, but you know, it was one-nil to the Arsenal. And the rest is history."

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