‘I can shout at the next manager from the stand!’

Press conference

‘I can shout at the next manager from the stand!’

Arsene Wenger doesn’t know where he’ll be working next season, but he’d love a chance to watch us from the North Bank.

The boss took charge of his final home match as our manager on Sunday but he’ll always be an Arsenal man.

“I would be happy to sit in the North Bank!” he said.

“It depends whether I work somewhere else or not. What do I do in the job I do? Will I be free on the days Arsenal plays? I will be happy to be in the North Bank if you can offer me a ticket. If you have one, it would be fantastic.

“The positive of that [being a fan] is that I can shout at the next manager from the North Bank!”

Reflecting on his 22 years in charge, the boss said that making the fans happy was always a priority.

“Sometimes, to make people happy you have to go somewhere else!” he smiled.

“I wanted to make people happy because I have a certain idea of how football is to be played. My ambition was always to win with style. When you’re a big club I think you have that responsibility and for the supporters to have a special experience when they come to the club.

“That was always my target, and that’s what I mean by making people happy.”

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