How stability can help the playing environment

Arsene Wenger

By Arsene Wenger’s own admission, the endless questions about his future in each of last season’s press conferences were something of a distraction.

That should change this term after the manager signed a new two-year contract extension, and he hopes the stability that offers will lead to a successful 2017/18 campaign.

“For me it will be a change because it was a bit eternal, a repetition of the press conferences about that,” Wenger told Arsenal Player. “Maybe I made a mistake and allowed that to happen because I didn’t commit early enough. 

“I think at some stage I did not think it would be a handicap for my commitment and it was not. But it was a bit of a handicap because it created a climate of insecurity and a lack of clarity about my person that maybe did not help at some stage.

“I believe everyone is focused on the new season and giving absolutely the best, so overall that is what we want as we go into it. 

“We basically had three seasons last year: the first part was very positive, the second part was very negative, and the third part was very positive. I believe it is important that we analyse well what happened to us, and where we can improve - and then transfer the optimistic final part of the season into the new campaign and start in a very strong way.”

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