The game it took Wilshere ‘weeks’ to get over


The game it took Wilshere ‘weeks’ to get over

Jack Wilshere
Jack Wilshere

Falling short in any final can take its toll, but losing the 2011 League Cup was especially painful for our squad.

Jack Wilshere told our 'In Lockdown' podcast exactly how it felt after a late mix-up at the back led to defeat at Wembley against Birmingham.
"I think the younger players [took it hard]," Wilshere said. "Wojciech did, he was arguably at fault for the goal.

“It was his first season and no one expected him to play. I think he was only 20 or 21 and he was number one for Arsenal, living the dream like me.
"We really felt we had something special. There was a great atmosphere in the team. We felt like we were going to go on and win things and to have it snatched away from under your feet in the last moment, I think a few of us [took it badly].
"I definitely took it badly. It took me a few weeks to get over that."

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