'Fran is going to be one of the best'

Fran Stenson

Joe Montemurro has high hopes for Fran Stenson.

Our head coach was desperate to keep the England youth international at the club and was delighted to see her sign a new long-term contract with us.

"These are big signings and important signings for us," Montemurro said. "We believe Fran is probably going to be one of the best goalkeepers in England for the national team.

"Obviously she's an important part of Arsenal's process going forward with the way she plays. It's exciting that a player of development, a player of that level has committed herself to Arsenal. We're privileged to be able to be part of her development, to be one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

"To be in and among the top professionals that we've got, to learn from them and to be working with our staff, to know that every day she's got to come in and keep the standards high, I think is important for her continuity and her growth. We've seen a real accelerated development from her perspective and also the work Leanne [Hall]'s doing with her is important as well.

"Part of the process in our goalkeeping ranks was to bring in important role models. Manuela is on her way, she's a younger goalkeeper, but to have Lydia amongst us is important. She's a seasoned professional that has played at the highest level for many years.

"I think it gives her the full package in the holistic develop she needs, in terms of off the pitch and on the pitch. It's about learning how to prepare herself but also the importance of setting the standards very high and keeping the standards high. I think the environment is perfect for her and no doubt we'll see that growth over the next few months."

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