‘To finish on 100 appearances is pretty special’


Saturday’s 1-0 win over Manchester City will live long in the memory of Dominique Bloodworth.  

Not only did she have the opportunity to lift a league title trophy for the first time in her career, but she also made her 100th - and final - appearance for the club ahead of her forthcoming move to Wolfsburg. 

We spoke to Bloodworth after saying her final goodbyes - and this is what she said. 

on how it feels to be leaving the club…
It’s a really weird feeling. I don’t think I’ve realised it yet but eventually I will!

on joining the 100 club in her last game for the club…
After the Brighton game I heard it was my 99th game, so that made things a little more special. I’m really proud that I’ve reached 100 and to finish on 100 is pretty special too.

on whether she’s achieved what she wanted to with the club…
I think we’ve won everything that we could have won in England - and that’s one of the reasons why I came here and one of the reasons why I thought I need to take the next step too. Knowing that we’ve won the league after seven years of not winning it is the best feeling. 

on what comes to mind when she thinks of her teammates…
I think we have a really close team. Sometimes we’re a bit crazy but that’s always a good thing! We understand each other on the pitch so well and what Joe’s brought to the team is something very special. If I could look back on my time at Arsenal, that’s what I would describe it as: special.

on her favourite moment during her time at the club…
I think I would have to say winning the league because that’s something from a different level - and also for me it’s the first time I’ve ever won the league on a professional debut. This entire season has been an incredible journey. 

on what she has to say to the fans who have supported her over the years…
I want to thank the fans because they have been simply amazing for us. They’ve gone to Liverpool, Manchester and every  single away game, so that’s something special and when you know they’re going to be there it really gives you a boost. It’s something I’ll always cherish and to see that they’re sad I’m leaving tells me that I’ve done my part. It’s something I’ll always look back on.








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