Finding the ‘strategic solution’ to our next test

Play like we did against Tottenham in every game, and the results will take care of themselves.

But how do you do that when, as Per Mertesacker pointed out, it’s human nature to give 20 per cent more against your biggest rivals?

Arsene Wenger’s challenge is to coax the same intensity from his players when we resume our Premier League campaign at Burnley. And, as he explains, Sunday’s opponents will pose a different kind of threat.

“The intensity of the [Tottenham] game was total because both teams went for it,” he said. “Both teams, every time they won the ball, went forward so the intensity was higher.

“Every game gives you a different problem to sort out, for you to find a strategic solution to be efficient. Against Burnley, that will be different. They are a team who maybe play a bit deeper than Tottenham because they have a strong defensive efficiency.

“You have to keep your nerve, even if you have the ball, to be calm and accurate. You have to be defensively strong as well because they are very efficient going forward.

“Burnley are the most unexpected team to be there with 22 points. You cannot deny that, of course. But if you analyse our games physically, we have been strong physically since the start of the season.”

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