Passion at the back

Stateside Gooner

By Chris Toronyi

I play pick-up soccer almost every Saturday and Sunday at 7am. It causes a little fuss at the home office, but there's nothing better than running around and kicking a ball. In all honesty the family understands that I need it. I have to play.

The games include some very skillful (elderly) gentlemen who have some ability left in the engine and a passion that carries throughout the game. I couldn't think of a better way to start my day.

That's the common theme as to why we are all out there: Passion. You can't put a price on it. In comes in all shapes and sizes. But you hear it and see it. I love the word and all that it means. I love seeing it on the pitch – not just in the attacking half, but most of all at the back.

I think we've seen that in Arsenal these past two games. There has been true passion at the back. Not just defending for the team, but defending The Arsenal pride. Focus, desire and teamwork.

The last two games have encompassed everything we have been longing for – us against the ropes mentality, getting back on our feet and delivering a run on the pitch that is Arsenal-worthy.

Seeing Jenkinson sprint up and down the pitch truly is a beautiful sight. Seeing the back four work as one is a beautiful thing. Seeing Arsenal win is a beautiful thing. Seeing Arsenal play with passion is a beautiful thing.

And at 7am this Saturday on a pitch somewhere in Los Angeles, that's exactly how I'll play – with passion.

Enjoy your week.

Thanks for reading and thanks for listening to the Arsenal America Podcast. This week the show welcomes back Amy Lawrence and @Arse2Mouse. Look for it on Wednesday.



Chris Toronyi is a longtime Arsenal supporter and the host of The Arsenal America podcast, available every week at ArsenalAmerica.com and on iTunes at "Arsenal America Podcast." You can read more of Chris' thoughts on Twitter.



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