A little help from their friends

Stateside Gooner

By Chris Toronyi

We go through life caring what others think and what they say, all while trying to keep those negative pressures and biases from infringing on our thinking. Then all of the sudden it hits you. It takes awhile to realize this – some may never reach it – but why associate yourself with people and situations that aren't helpful? Why waste time with thoughts that hamper you?

Negativity has no place when you're trying to move forward or when you're trying to achieve a goal. A goal that includes deep emotions and high expectations.

Our players deserve more. They need it now more than ever. I recently said on the Podcast that spouting out negativity will have the same effect on our players as it does on a child. Players and children can be emotionally fragile. Both can do better, but both need that extra little push at times to inject confidence so they can reach their goal (no pun intended) or accomplishment. Some kids need that little push to solve a math problem or rationalize a complex story – our players need it when things are a bit sideways, a little tired, or a little off. All they need is a little support from each one of us and that will create a wave of confidence for our players to ride.

I like to think it's the little things that add up. Just like in life and our children's development, it's the little things. Then again I could be wrong. I let Cooper watch 'The Dark Knight Rises'. Please don't judge.

Thanks for reading and thanks for listening. This week's Arsenal America Podcast includes James Olley of the Evening Standard, @EastLower and @7amKickoff. You can enjoy the show on iTunes (please subscribe) or stream it on the site. Hope you enjoy.



Chris Toronyi is a longtime Arsenal supporter and the host of The Arsenal America podcast, available every week at ArsenalAmerica.com and on iTunes at "Arsenal America Podcast." You can read more of Chris' thoughts on Twitter.


The views expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect those of Arsenal Football Club or Arsenal Media Group.

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