Dominique Janssen

Dominique Janssen - Home and away

This story first appeared in the July 2016 edition of the Arsenal Magazine.




The July edition of the Arsenal Magazine

The July edition of the Arsenal Magazine



How would you describe your country?

Tulips and clogs!

Tell us what’s great about your country

The kindness of the people and oranje - orange - our national colour

What would you like to change about your nation?

Nothing at the moment.

What’s your favourite food from your country?

I think it’s spinach ‘stamppot’. It means smashed potatoes with spinach. Those two together is a really good mix.

Which sports are popular, other than football?

I would say hockey is the most popular.

Who does your country have their greatest rivalry with?

Germany and Belgium.

What’s a typical phrase from your country?

I can’t think of a typical phrase that we have.

Missing media item.

Where are the best places to go on holiday in your country?

I think it’s the big cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht but also maybe you could go to the beach at Scheveningen.

Where would you like to go in your country that you haven’t been?

Groningen, I’ve never been there but people say it’s a nice city.

Who is the current President/Prime Minister of your country?

Mark Rutte.

Tell us - if you can - the first line of your national anthem?

Wilhelmus van nassouwe, ben ik van Duitsen bloed.


What languages do you speak?

Dutch, German and English.

What languages would you like to speak?

I’d like to learn Spanish.



Dominique Janssen

Dominique Janssen



Tell us somewhere in the world you would like to visit?

Thailand, it always looks like a really nice country.

What was the first trip you ever made outside of your country?

I think it’s Germany or Belgium. I live close to the borders so I think my parents took me to a place over there.

Can you name the capital cities of these three countries?

Chile - I don’t have a clue! (Correct answer: Santiago)
Scotland - Edinburgh!
USA - New York? (Correct answer: Washington DC)

And can you name the countries from their Presidents/Prime Ministers?

Angela Markel - Germany
David Cameron - I don’t know without Googling! (Correct answer: United Kingdom)
Vladimir Putin - Russia

Where is the next World Cup being held?

Qatar (Correct answer: Russia)

Who won the World Cup in these years?

1966 - I think it’s Germany (Correct answer: England)
1990 - I think Germany again
2002 - Brazil

What nationality are the following Arsenal legends?

Dennis Bergkamp - Dutch
Anders Limpar - Swedish
Lauren - He was from Africa but I’m not sure (Correct answer: Cameroon)


Dominique Janssen joined Arsenal Ladies in July 2015

Dominique Janssen joined Arsenal Ladies in July 2015


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