2014 Review: Quotes of the year

There have been a whole host of interesting, revealing and amusing Arsenal-related quotes over the past 12 months. Here are some of the very best:

“This is my favourite game of the season. I love these type of games. You just raise your level and you don't want to lose. When you're walking on to the pitch you're telling yourself, ‘We can't lose this, no matter what we can't lose’.”
Jack Wilshere on the north London derby

“He's like a little boxer, he's a little fighter. He's good. He's got a lot of character as well, the lad doesn't get intimidated either because it's a derby.”
Mikel Arteta sings Serge Gnabry’s praises

“It is tough to see one of your friends out for a long period of time. You wouldn’t wish it on anybody and it is probably the worst news we have had all season, but if anybody is going to come back better and stronger, it is Theo. He is incredibly focused and mentally he is a very strong character.”
Carl Jenkinson reacts to Theo Walcott’s injury



"Many thanks to the wonderful fans of the German national team. I’m really proud of this vote! I’m looking forward to doing my best for my country in 2014.”
Mesut Ozil after being voted Germany’s best player of 2013

"He is very much appreciated by his team-mates. That's a real compliment you can get when you are a football player. For me it is a bit like Zidane when he played for Madrid, all the other players said he was the best.”
Arsene Wenger on Mesut Ozil’s popularity in the dressing room

“On my first visit to England as a boy I bought an Arsenal jersey as a souvenir and I was so proud wearing it when playing football with my friends. Many years later, I have become a real Gunner. I’m proud to be a Gunner.”
Per Mertesacker after signing his new contract

"His decision-making is cleaner, sharper, quicker. He was always a very talented boy but because he's intelligent he learns quickly from experience. Nobody would question that he's one of the top five goalkeepers in the Premier League.”
Arsene Wenger on Wojciech Szczesny reaching 100 Arsenal appearances


Arsène Wenger with Gedion Zelalem



“That is more damaging for me than for him!”
Arsene Wenger on Gedion Zelalem becoming the first Arsenal player born after he became manager

”Laurent is one of the quickest players I've ever played with, one of the most mobile players, and he anticipates well a lot of balls so he has real strengths to be a good partner. For me it's easy to play alongside him. Hopefully he's going to say that to you as well when he speaks about me!”
Per Mertesacker praises his defensive partner

“Bergkamp gets a statue on Saturday so it doesn't take a statue away from you!”
Arsene Wenger reassures Mesut Ozil after his missed penalty against Bayern Munich



“He changed the destiny of the club because he arrived at a moment when football in England was changing. He contributed to transforming the way we played football here. Nobody forgets him. He was class, intelligent and he had another quality that is a bit lost today: he was loyal to this club. He deserves special treatment.”
Arsene Wenger on the unveiling of Dennis Bergkamp's statue

"It isn't what we wanted or needed but I think we put in a really good shift and worked really hard all over the pitch. We were up against a really tough Bayern side. I think we did well and we can hold our heads high.”
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain finds positives after being knocked out of the Champions League

“For a while, you could decide when you loan the player out whether he plays against you or not, and I always decided that he could play against us. But I must say I didn’t get any protection from the media because when the player I loaned out scored against us, it’s ‘aaahhh, look at him, stupid…’”
Arsene Wenger on changes to the loan system

“Together we go out and play for the club and the manager and for the staff - and for all the other people associated with the club.”
Lukas Podolski’s rallying cry before the FA Cup semi-final


Former Gunner Lukasz Fabianski is likely to start

Former Gunner Lukasz Fabianski is likely to start


"I've got to give Lukasz all the credit. For someone that has been behind the brilliant Wojciech Szczesny this year, whenever he's played for us, he's been absolutely superb. He's the hero for us today. Full credit to him - he's an unbelievable professional.”
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain praises Lukasz Fabianski after beating Wigan at Wembley

"I heard everybody talking about it before and I didn’t exactly know the story until a few days ago but I just wanted pay homage to them. It’s something which made me feel consoling and I wanted to dedicate my goal to the families involved.”
Olivier Giroud dedicates his goal against West Ham United to the victims of the Hillsborough disaster

“I’m just lucky the club have said they want me to stay on and help where I can help. I’m only too delighted to do that. Arsenal is in my DNA.”
Liam Brady on his new ambassadorial role 


Carl Jenkinson


“Since I was a kid I've been an Arsenal fan, I've scored that goal 100 times in my back garden and celebrated like I'm celebrating in front of the fans. I've done it for real today and it was the best feeling in the world. I think you could tell by my celebration.”
Carl Jenkinson on scoring his first Arsenal goal at Norwich

“It was the most important goal of my time here.”
Aaron Ramsey on his FA Cup final winner



"I asked Paul Johnson [our equipment manager] to bring my phone on to the pitch after the game and grabbed a selfie with the Arsenal fans, which was brilliant.”
Wojciech Szczesny

“It was more important today than all the others. We have made twice the double, so you have already won [the league] and you are not under the pressure that we were under today. I have won it now five times, it is not too bad!”
Arsene Wenger on winning the FA Cup once again

“We've worked hard for the last six, seven years and we haven't won anything for nine years. The boss has been working hard but most of all [it's for] the fans. They come every week, they fill the Emirates and give us that force in Europe.”
Jack Wilshere dedicates the FA Cup to the supporters

“I’m so happy to be joining Arsenal, a club which has a great manager, a fantastic squad of players, huge support around the world and a great stadium in London.”
Alexis Sanchez on joining the club



“With me and him on the flanks, a lot of teams won’t be looking forward to playing Arsenal this year!”
Theo Walcott on the signing of Alexis

“When I first put him at centre forward, he said, ‘Look I cannot score goals’. For someone who cannot score goals he has done quite well!”
Arsene Wenger on Thierry Henry

“Great to lift another trophy and a massive honour to be named captain of Arsenal. Let’s have a great season.”
Mikel Arteta on taking the armband



“When my agents told me Arsenal were interested, I said yes straight away! There was no question, no debate, no doubt, nothing! You don’t turn down a club like Arsenal. A lot of players would like to be in my shoes right now.”
Mathieu Debuchy on joining from Newcastle

“You can wake him up every second of the day and he will score with his left foot.”
Per Mertesacker on Lukas Podolski’s late winner against Anderlecht

“Per is the enforcer. He’s the fines master so he keeps everyone in check and he’s always issuing fines to make sure that people are on time.”
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on the German defender

“It shows how confident I was to score with my left foot and when I picture it in my head now I still get chills. It’s the best feeling I’ve ever had in football.”
Benik Afobe on scoring twice against Manchester United while on loan at MK Dons



“Certainly one day he will come back here.”
Arsene Wenger on Thierry Henry

“We have been well served in recent years. Maybe I will go to church this weekend!”
Arsene Wenger before the Champions League last-16 draw



“Was an honour to have played alongside this man! My idol and a big inspiration to my career.”
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain tweets his tribute to Thierry Henry

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