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Extramarks & Arsenal to tackle science and maths

Kick off with Arsenal

The excitement, the tension and the screams of joy - football brings out so many emotions in us. But next time you watch a game, think to yourself - was winning the only significant thing, or was how the game was played equally important?


After all, football is a living laboratory of scientific concepts. Players need to calculate factors like the speed, velocity and spin of the ball and the force required so that it reaches the desired spot. There are also physical and external factors like the slope and friction of the pitch, muscle power and players’ flexibility that need to be understood to get positive outcomes in the game.

With this in mind, leading EdTech brand Extramarks Education came together with Arsenal as their Official E-Learning Partner with the vision of bringing football into mainstream education and instilling ideas of learning from the playground to the student, and have created three content series to help integrate classroom learning with on-field learning.

Extramarks has always believed in interactive and rich media-led learning aids for retaining students’ attention and concentration, making the learning process engaging and exciting. This mode of interactive learning has already been implemented by Extramarks in India across 10,000 leading schools, through its end-to-end learning solutions focused on providing holistic learning in classrooms and beyond.

One of the first initiatives taken by Extramarks in partnership with Arsenal is engaging students through applied learning while having fun. Together, we have created three video series for students (6th-12th standard) covering multiple aspects of science and practical mathematical learning by using match action as the catalyst.

Trailer: watch Extramarks x Arsenal: A new season of learning


Learn With Arsenal

This series will see Arsenal stars provide tutorials to students and football enthusiasts, and share memorable events on the field and from their lives.

Like studying, football works on the principle of the Learn-Practice and Test pedagogy. It too requires strategy, planning, decision-making, collaboration, teamwork, and many other skills, so this programme allows students to learn the art of football by understanding the basics and practising at home.

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This series looks at the game through the lens of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics, aiming to simplify complex concepts in a fun and interactive way.

22 breathtaking videos will be spread over the entire year to keep students engaged, which will include footage from Arsenal matches. This will be used to decode the principles behind gameplay and players’ technique, including trick shots and iconic goals, but also the scientific factors that determine their success.


Tony Adams Extramarks

Exclusively for football enthusiasts will be an inspirational talk from Arsenal legend Tony Adams, who discusses his journey and the ups and downs in his career, from the perspective of a 'student' of football to the ‘master’ of it.

It will act as a motivational series and show how the beautiful game has left a remarkable impact on him. This series will reflect the core philosophy of Extramarks’ #LearningNeverStops by bringing out rich, fun and challenging anecdotes from one of the greatest Gunners of all time.

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