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'Eusebio created massive admiration'

When you think of Benfica, one player immediately springs to mind: Eusebio.

The Portuguese icon is considered one of the greatest players in footballing history - and Mikel Arteta even has a picture of him in his office, and has been gifted some of his boots, too.

"I had always been a big admirer of football history, to try to understand a little bit why things have developed here and the people who have contributed to the game in a really strong way to have the beautiful game that we have today," our manager said.

"I think that [Eusebio] was a big, key participant of that. He was a player that created a massive admiration with a huge personality and charisma and this developed because I have had some very important Portuguese friends in my career.

"That has created a link with some fans and some friends who have come very close to me and when we were talking football all the time, sometimes when I had done something for them or to show some gratitude in our relationship, I have been given some presents and I kept [Eusebio's boots] really close to me."

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