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Emery's press conference: read every word


It was a an evening to remember on Wednesday as we blew Bournemouth away as we scored five times at Emirates Stadium.

After the match, Unai Emery discussed the performance, Mesut Ozil, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Laurent Koscielny and more.

This is what he said:

on the performance...
Good evening, it was a good performance and we can be proud of every player. Here at the Emirates we were speaking about the fact we have a lot of matches to show [the fans] a complete match with one good result with the three points but with some difference between them with the goals, like today. Today we did that but this match is three points like Saturday, now we are happy and the most important is that we are playing with different players in different matches, and the performances are continuing well in these matches, and different systems also. We need to use different players, different systems, as each match is different and it is good for this moment, and this moment is coming this week and this month.

on Bournemouth threatening for a period...
For me, the most important thing is to be competitive and consistent in 90 minutes and we can score or we cannot score, and the opposition is the same. When we were at 2-1, in the dressing room we were speaking [to be] calm, continue and respect them and be attentive to each moment in the match. The second half we started with the third goal, we started with big intensity, keeping this intensity and and we finished the match pushing against them, getting in their box, controlling possession. But Bournemouth are a good team, with good players, competitive and organised, we won with a big result but we respect them a lot.

Ozil and Mkhitaryan's displays...
I am proud of every player's work, and it is important that the players take confidence and take good combinations between them because I think we can play in an area being competitive with the ball and without the ball, be organised after with the possibility that individuals can be protagonists like today different players. But above all this is the team together the feeling together, and individually together they can all help us be stronger as a team.

on whether Micki and Ozil could play against Tottenham...
We are speaking and we want to get our identity first, be competitive - and being competitive how? First is being organised with our quality and skills, our combinations with different players in different systems and it depends in each match. After is the intensity with the ball and without the ball.The last matches we are doing this. Saturday is the same, but with every player can be okay. This is what we want and I think every player is convinced to do that, and we can use different players in different matches, but the idea is that every player can play with this idea.

on finding it tough to drop them...
Now, I am going to watch this match for the analysis and I am going to watch Tottenham and after decide our gameplan against them with every player. We need the players in the first 11 and on the bench, and we need a big commitment from every player to help us. The next match is Saturday. If we can play with big performance I want every player to help us with this decision.

on Koscielny...
I hope all it is, is one kick. We have three days between today and Saturday and I hope he can be okay.

on being one point away from Tottenham if we win on Saturday...
It is a big motivation, but we were speaking and we need to take the opportunity like today, these three points. After we can have and get an opportunity like Saturday. It's one team that, at the moment, are better than us in the table. I think it is very difficult there, to win, but it is a good test, a great test and a positive test.

on Xhaka and Kolasinac...
Yes he is [Xhaka] okay, he was rested. Kolasinac has been having a problem in his muscle and sometimes he is telling us to rest some matches and some minutes. The first half he finished it well, but in the dressing room he was saying he can continue, but he was feeling some pain. He could continue but I preferred to change him for a rest and also he played on Sunday with a big intensity, and today I think we could do this change and carry on with another player in this match.

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