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Emery's press conference: read every word

It was another satisfactory night for Unai Emery on Thursday as we made it 22 games unbeaten with a 1-0 victory against Qarabag.

Afterwards, our head coach discussed the performance, Laurent Koscielny's return and Bukaya Saka's display.

Read on for a full transcript from his press conference:

on how Koscielny is…
Good evening. We are doing with him this process after the big injuries. He started training with us, playing with the under-23s, and today was another step for him, for us and we need to know tomorrow and Saturday how he is going to feel after this match. If Sunday we can [play] him on the pitch.

on Koscielny smiling as he left the pitch - and if he felt good for him…
When a player comes back like Koscielny, after a big injury… a very big injury, it can give the player different moments. I think for Koscielny it’s good that he’s recovered and I also think he recovered in a good time from his big injury. When he comes back like today with us, every supporter of Arsenal is happy, and also the player. Then this process with him is to take confidence again, take rhythm for playing matches like today. We are going to continue this process maybe on Sunday. I want to wait tomorrow and Saturday for how he will feel after this match, for if he will play or not on Sunday.

on Saka’s display…
Every young player, we have the responsibility to give them chances, first to train with us and to be demanding with their performances. We give them these chances in the games like today, when we can do that. They show us in every match positive things. Today Saka also played with a good performance, with a very big personality and we were speaking at half-time. They were trying… his personality is very important for us to continue trying to go 1v1 and break lines with his quality. He played with a very big personality and sometimes with a very good performance. It’s very important for his confidence and for us also, because we can look at this player and see quality to help us.

on whether our young players' quality and potential excites him…
Three weeks ago we played in Kiev and it was the same with Emile and Willock, who scored there. Nketiah played today also and gave a good performance. We need one process with them, but in this process, they also need to show us their [development].

on Lacazette and Sokratis playing ahead of busy schedule…
First we needed to have the mix of the first XI with young players. You can improve, you can play better if you have players who can help you on the pitch. For example Sokratis, he cannot play Sunday and he could play today. Lacazette, I think he needs rhythm to play and it’s not bad for him to play today. We decided for this reason and because every player who played today can play Sunday.

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