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Emery on Laca, Auba and transfers: read every word

Unai Emery was a very satisfied man after seeing his side go to within three points of fourth-placed Chelsea with a 2-0 win on Saturday.

Afterwards, he faced the media to discuss our performance, the mentality the team showed, Hector Bellerin and transfers.

Read on for a full transcript:

on Sarri’s comments about our mentality…
Good evening. When we are playing Chelsea or us, at home [or] away, maybe we can speak about this mentality. Every team wants to play [with] the same speed or the same mentality at home and away. I think the circumstance in the match is doing the way in 90 minutes. We started at the beginning very strongly with the high pressing. But when you are playing against one team who start [attacks] with long balls, you cannot press. But today, the [structure] was very clear - build up with possession and the centre backs and Jorginho. We worked to do the pressing and the reason is that it can be closer to their box and transition very quickly to control the match when they have the ball, with our pressing. But also, they can break your pressing and then take chances to score. The circumstance is leaving you this way for better or worse. Today, I think every circumstance was going and coming with us. The mentality is good, the atmosphere today was very good with our supporters. I think they helped us a lot and we want to find the same performance, the same ideas and mentality when we are playing here and when we are playing away. But also at the moment, we cannot find [that].

on Aubameyang's defensive effort...
I think every player contributed with their work. First is the attitude to be together when we are with the ball, to find the space and also to find the moments to attack against them. Today, above all, is when we are not with the ball, the possession I think was more than 60 per cent for them, is when we need to recover with good pressing. I think every player worked a lot. We spoke before the game today to say we needed to run more than them. This team run a lot. For the first idea, we were speaking that we need to run to recover the ball and transition very quickly. In the first half, the first 30 minutes, we did that. In the second half it was very difficult to keep this pressing for 90 minutes and the match changed tactically. We worked very well defensively in deep areas when we needed to in the match. The clean sheet today is really important for us to show our supporters that we are here and we can continue being a team for our way.

on Bellerin's injury...
We are going to wait until tomorrow. It is his knee and the first prediction maybe can be an important injury. Tomorrow we will speak with the doctor. I hope not, but it is not very positive, our first impression.

on if the injury affects thinking in the transfer window...
We have Ainsley. He is playing with good pieces, today also he played well I think. He can help us by playing like a right back or a right winger. And also, Lichtsteiner is another player for playing there and I think we have players. I don't forget Jenkinson because he is with us, he played some matches and if we need [him], he is okay to help us.

on the midfield diamond and pairing Aubameyang and Lacazette as a strike force...
It depends on the match. It's not the same match, like West Ham, against Manchester United or Cardiff. I am finding and working to take the best balance with every player and sometimes, they can play together and other matches it is impossible to play together because we need another idea in some matches with the system or playing with one attacking player. But we are very happy with them and I think they can help us in defensive situations. Above all, Aubameyang can also play right or left and when he was playing in different positions, right or left, the most important attribute was his mentality. Because when I said to him, he said to me 'Yes I am going to do that'. But the first position for him is to play as an attacking player.

on Denis Suarez not playing for Barcelona tomorrow...
The club is working with many situations to help us. I cannot speak about individual players but I know the club is working with different possibilities if they can help us for these next four months.

on if we might have a new player before the Manchester United match...
I believe they [the club] work and I know it's a difficult window for the transfer market. If one player is coming to help us, I am happy but the club is doing that and I am going to wait.

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