Press conference

Eidevall: We’re going to try everything to win

Jonas Eidevall in the dugout at Allianz Arena

Jonas Eidevall held his post-match press conference after our first leg against Bayern Munich, where he reiterated his pride in our brave performance. 

“Our players were really good, we were really brave on the ball and we represented Arsenal in such a good way in the second half,” said Eidevall. “We are proud of that even though we are very disappointed with the result. We are going to do everything in our power to turn it around next week.

“Part of me is proud because it was a really good performance, but part of me is disappointed because we need to be more efficient with our chances. 

“Part of me is very angry. I am not sure whether VAR was working tonight. Otherwise it was someone who was sitting and not looking at the pictures because there were clear and obvious penalty situations - two of them. I think that is unacceptable.”

When asked what was needed in the second leg to achieve a better result, Eidevall believes a win is well within our grasp.

“We need to score a goal! At least two. But Bayern are a very, very good counter-attacking team - you saw that tonight. A little bit of you feels danger when you attack because you know they can hit you on the counter.

“But you need to be brave on the ball, make good decisions and keep them low down the pitch.”

Over 200 Gooners made the trip over to Munich to will our team on from the Allianz stands and Eidevall thinks that the support will be a difference-maker next week.

“Our supporters were brilliant. Just like the performance from the team, the supporters were brilliant. With our fans at the Emirates, we have a great chance.”

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