Eidevall: Everyone should be proud of our unity

Jonas Eidevall and Katie McCabe

Jonas Eidevall considers it a "privilege" to be Arsenal Women's manager, as he reflected on the togetherness across our teams, staff, and supporters alike.  

Looking ahead of tomorrow's opening game in the Continental League Cup against Aston Villa, Eidevall said: "When you think about working for a club that is supported by so many great human beings, it's an astonishing privilege. From players to staff to the fans - I think everyone connected to the club can feel that togetherness. 

"That's what's so great when you feel the movement around the club right now because we are moving in that direction together. We're all enjoying it and when you feel that way, it triggers good actions."

Lotte Wubben Moy's generosity at the weekend typified that mentality. When news broke on Sunday that our WSL match against Brighton had been postponed, Lotte started a tab at the New Moon Pub for Gooners who had already made the journey down to Crawley. 

"I think Lotte's action was brilliant. It shows how empathetic she is. In a situation where she's obviously so disappointed that we're not going to play a game, she still has the emotional intelligence to think: 'What about the fans who have already travelled here? Can we do something to make their experience better?'"

"The gesture from the men's team for Beth and for her mum gave me goosebumps. They were, of course, so focused on playing the North London derby but that didn't stop them from spending time and energy on how they could show support for a colleague going through a really tough time. It makes me really proud. I think it should make everyone connected to the club proud."

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