Data Amnesty - FAQs

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Q: When is the deadline to complete any changes to my personal information? 
A: The deadline to submit your information is 11:59pm, Friday 12th March. 

Q: What happens with my away points if I change the name and need a new Membership number generated? 
A: Any away points accumulated will be transferred over to the new Membership number. 

Q: I can’t remember my password. If I change this on e-tickets will it be updated so I can access the form? 
A: Yes, please change your password on e-tickets here to access the form. 

Q: What happens to my booking history if I change the name and need a new Membership number generated? 
A: It will not be possible to transfer over the booking history. However, any away points accumulated will be transferred over to the new Membership number.  

Q: What happens to my accounts funds if I change the name and need a new Membership number generated?
A: Any account funds will be transferred over to the new Membership number. 

Q: Will you be doing this every year?
A: No. This is the one time that we will be offering this service in preparation for My Arsenal Rewards. Once this process is complete, any name changes will have to be submitted in the regular way.  

Q: If the name has been changed fraudulently, how do I get my membership back? 
A: In order to make any changes, you must log in with your e-ticket credentials. We have made it clear that any names that are changed that are proved to have been changed fraudulently will be reversed back to the original member. Proof of ID will be required.  

Q: When will I be notified of my new 7-digit Membership number if I have had a name change? 
A: Once we have completed the name change and generated a new Membership number, you will be emailed and the new number will be required to login and generate a new password. 

Q: If I have changed my name and require a new Membership number, how will this affect my ballot registration for reduced capacity fixtures, and will my new number automatically be added to application? 
A: Your previous membership will need to be removed from the application and we will add the new membership to your group. If the member is the lead booker please see FAQ below. 

Q: If I am the lead booker on a ballot registration and have changed my name and require a new 7-digit Membership number, does this mean I will need to remove my ballot registration and apply again? 
A: Yes, we will ensure that your new membership number is sold into the initial payment plan, but you will have to resubmit your application again as we are unable to remove the lead client reference and add the new number.  

Q: Once my name change is complete and you have supplied me with a new 7-digit number, is there any action required from myself? 
A: Yes, you will need to activate your account and generate a new password and add your new account to any networks you were previously registered in. 

Q: I have multiple memberships in the same name, can I change the name on them to other Members of my family? 
A: Yes, ensure that you make a note of what Membership number has been allocated to which Member of your family. You will need to log in individually with each account to the site.  

Q: Can you transfer a Gold Membership to an under 17? 
A: Yes, any Gold Membership can be transferred to an under 17. However, they won’t have access to My Arsenal Rewards. 

Q: The name on the membership I use has passed away, will I lose my Gold Membership if I change it into a different name? 
A: No, if the name of the person associated with the membership has passed away you will not lose your Gold Membership if you change it to a different name. We are not looking take Season Tickets away from Members, we just want to know who is using it. 

Q: If I have a season ticket and it is in my name, what would happen if I was unable to attend? Would I be able to pass it on to a friend or relative? 
A: Yes, you can use Ticket Transfer and Ticket Exchange once in operation to pass a season ticket onto a friend or relative. 

Q: Will the Proof of ID provided be used beyond verifying a change in name on the Season Ticket? 
A: No, your Proof of ID will not be used for any purpose other than to verify the name provided against the Season Ticket. Once verified, your Proof of ID will be deleted from our systems. 

Q: What happens if I am unable to complete the online submission form? 
A: It's really important that we have the correct details so please ensure you confirm these when requested. However, if you do not your loyalty account will be registered in the name currently held on the system.

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