Changes to season tickets for 2023/24

Arsenal's crest at Emirates Stadium

We are announcing significant changes to season tickets for men’s matches at Emirates Stadium for next season

The biggest change, which follows supporter feedback, involves reducing the number of home matches included in a season ticket from 26 to 22 matches.

In addition, as part of our ambition to encourage younger supporters to attend matches, we are extending the 25 per cent discount on season tickets and match-by-match tickets currently provided to people up to the age of 21, to the age of 24.

Season tickets

For next season, a General Admission season ticket will include all 19 Premier League and three European group-stage matches, subject to qualification. Previously, the 26-match season ticket covered all home Premier League matches, five European matches and two home Emirates FA Cup fixtures. 


The biggest benefit for General Admission season ticket holders is that they will only be paying for matches that are guaranteed to be played, rather than paying upfront for matches which may not happen as has been the case previously. Season ticket holders will have priority to purchase tickets for any further home European or cup matches before they go on sale to other members.

The move follows ongoing feedback from season ticket holders who want more flexibility around attending matches and to support our desire to make more tickets available to our growing membership base. 

Removing the four cup credits from the season ticket will also make up to 150,000 additional match tickets available for members to purchase next season.

Alongside these changes, we will be implementing an average 5 per cent increase on General Admission season tickets for next season. Prices in the lower tier will go up by 6 per cent and 4 per cent in the upper tier. This price increase will be the same for all match-by-match tickets.

If we were to qualify for the Champions League, that would equate to an average reduction in the cost for full-price adult general admission season ticket holders of £113 a season, compared to the equivalent price had we been in the Champions League this season. If we qualify for the Europa League next season, it will leave full-price adult season ticket holders paying on average £76 less than they are currently paying this season. 

Club Level prices will also be going up by an average of 5 per cent. The Club Level season ticket will continue to include all competitive men’s first-team home matches. Season ticket holders will receive specific details about what this means for them in due course.

These changes are part of our ongoing commitment to simplify our approach to ticketing while ensuring we operate in a sustainable way for the long-term future and create more opportunities for members to get tickets. 

The new ticketing package also supports investments in Emirates Stadium and initiatives to improve supporters’ matchday experience. These include further enhancements to our ticketing system, details of which will be communicated in due course.

We will also be ramping up our ongoing work and investment to clamp down on ticket touting to protect honest match-going supporters.  We recognise the demand for tickets is at unprecedented levels and we have been working to combat the activities by bots and touts. This has resulted in 100,000 suspected bots being blocked from the ticketing site in recent weeks. A significant number of season ticket and membership accounts have also been banned for suspicious touting activity.

Discounts for younger supporters

The 25 per cent discount on season tickets and match-by-match tickets purchased outside the Family Enclosure, currently provided to Young Adult Members up to the age of 21, is being extended to the age of 24.

This is in addition to discounts available to Cannon members aged 17 and 18 who already benefit from a 57 per cent discount outside the Family Enclosure. Junior Gunners (16 and under) will continue to receive a 66 per cent discount on tickets inside the Family Enclosure.

What happens next?

Club Level season ticket renewals will begin in April. Supporters will receive a personalised communication explaining the changes and what it means for them. As normal, General Admission season ticket renewals will begin shortly after the last game of the season. 

Note: Match-by-match ticket discounts for our younger fans will continue to be capped at 1,000 per match.

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