Cedric - You need to be able to suffer to win


The big games are coming thick and fast this month - and nobody is more aware of that than Cedric.

Our full back was part of a resolute back line in Wednesday evening's comeback win over Liverpool, and is expecting us to take that confidence into Saturday's Emirates FA Cup semi-final against Manchester City at Wembley.

"It was a great win for us," he said. "In football, in some moments, you need to be able to suffer to win. I think we are improving a lot at this. The spirit is getting better and better in the team and we showed here without suffering you cannot win.

"Some games you just need to adapt to the circumstances and last night that was the case. It was a tough game but we were able to show great character and this made the difference. We defended together and we were very, very strong. It made a huge difference.

"We know it will be another tough game against a great opponent on the weekend, but we are in a good moment. I just think we need to keep this spirit and the rest will come. If we keep working like this, it is just the natural way for a win to come.

"Last night we had a great reaction with character, we showed that sometimes you need to be able to suffer and stay together as one. We did that, we showed a great attitude, everyone was supporting one another and when that happens the wins can happen like they did.

"The team have moments and when you keep growing something the wins always give you a push. You have to believe in the work of the coaching staff every day and, of course, when you win you can believe more and it helps the team in that moment. I am looking forward to playing on Saturday."

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