Cedric - We need to stay positive

Amid the disappointment of defeat on Wednesday night, there were reasons to be optimistic from a strong first half showing especially.

And right back Cedric highlighted the need to remain positive, despite our recent winning run coming to an end.

"In the end in football you need to look at the result," he said after the game.

"Most of the game we controlled, and even after the first goal we tried to react, we tried to go and try something and we conceded another one, a little bit unfortunate.

"This is football, and we need to stay positive. To believe in what we do, we need to put our heads straight for Aston Villa.

Of course we are disappointed. We didn’t want this result but on the other hand we are very, very proud of the team, what the team is building, what the team is creating between each other and together with the staff is fantastic."

The Gunners are back in action in the early kick off on Saturday at Villa Park, meaning it's a quick turn around as we look to return to winning ways.

"It’s very very important that we stay positive that we have a good reaction on Saturday. We need to focus on our recovery. It’s two days basically and then we play again, so we need to be straight on it and it’s a very, very important game for us. I’m sure the team will stay positive and give a good answer."


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