Cech - When a winter break would work

It’s an issue discussed around this point every year: should English football have a winter break?

Petr Cech is in favour of introducing one - but not at the expense of playing over the Christmas period.

“We should, but not during the Christmas period, because it has such a great tradition in this country and I wouldn’t change that,” he told Arsenal Player. “Usually the first week of January or the second week of January is the FA Cup game and I think there are plenty of moments where you can shift one week. I would probably leave this period because, as I said, it’s really special in England. 

“I would play in the frantic and charged period of December and in the first week of January. Then the second week of January I would give everybody a break because I think if you cut those five days, it would help people to recharge physically and mentally. 

“People would be refreshed, the teams would have a week where you could have five days off completely, for people to drift away from football, then come back, have five days of preparation and then resume. 

“I think it would have no impact on anything because if you think, every year we finish around May 20, then have the FA Cup depending on how it goes. Then you have international games which start on June 13, so if you finish on May 20, you still have to train because you go to the national team.”

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