Foord: 'I'm excited for what's to come'

Caitlin Foord has never been afraid to leave her comfort zone. The 28-year-old has travelled the world through football but as she prepares for her fourth season after signing a new contract at the club, she finally feels settled. 

"I guess I have moved around a bit!” said Caitlin. “It’s just felt like the right thing to do but it's been the complete opposite here. It's felt like the right place, the place I want to be and most importantly, the place where I've been showing some of my best football. 

“It’s nice to know that I'll be a part of the journey longer. I can't see myself anywhere else so I couldn't be happier to extend my stay."

It was an instant connection for our Australian forward who has flourished throughout her time with The Arsenal.

"From the moment I arrived, I just loved every minute of being here. I enjoy going out and training every day and wanting to be better and being surrounded by world-class players, day in day out.

“I'm growing and improving and becoming more consistent in this environment so I don't want to leave that. I want to continue to get better and to help the club and help the team."

This season, Caitlin has also been fuelled by our club’s evolution off the pitch - from training facilities, teammate bonds and an ever-growing base of supporters. 

"Starting with the facility [at London Colney], it makes such a big difference to have our own space. Our team's only got closer and closer, as well That’s come from a lot of challenges this season but it shows what kind of team we are to come back and fight.

“It’s just been nice for me to settle in one place. I have been on the go for so long. It's nice to have a place to call home.

"As soon as you put on the jersey, you feel what it means. Just from being around the club, being at games with the supporters, hearing the girls that have grown up in the club - it's a privilege to play for this club. 

“You want to fight and you want to give everything every time you put it on and I think that's the special thing of it. You represent this club and you're part of the family now.“

"Our support has exploded this season. With the fans, travelling home and away and just hearing the chants that they do, every game is a special feeling. I've never really had that at another club before and they make every single person feel special and a part of the club. You can feel what it means to them. And we can express what it means to us out on the pitch as well.

"I knew coming to this club that it's about winning trophies. I only won my first trophy this year and to see what that meant to the team, but also to the club because that's just what it's about, it gave me a little bit of a taste of what that feels like. 

“I want more. I want to win the league. I want to win the FA Cup. We were unlucky this year not to go further in the Champions League as well. All these things are realistic, and we have the group to be able to do it. That makes me excited for what's to come."

To hear our full interview with Caitlin Foord, click play on the video above. 

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