Bendtner – Henry row had a big effect on me

Thierry Henry
Thierry Henry

When trying to make your way as a young striker, the last thing you want to do is fall out with your team’s star man.

But that's exactly what happened to Nicklas Bendtner when he clashed with Thierry Henry in training, and it taught him an early lesson he'd never forget.
Our former striker came to blows with Henry after remonstrating that the Frenchman had been allowed to get away with taking three touches during a training match - while he himself had been punished for exceeding the two-touch limit.  
"It's actually a funny story," said Bendtner, speaking exclusively to our In Lockdown podcast. "It was quite an important moment.

"It showed me a lot about being humble and understanding, because of the background I came from it was more if someone says something you would sort it out right there and then.
"Thierry gave me a lesson," he added. "This is the guy who's been assisting and scoring the most goals. He's got legendary status in the Premier League and with Arsenal but the fact wasn't what happened on the pitch for me.

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"The fact was that he managed to sit down and talk with me afterwards, that showed me a lot more to him that I could expect and knew about at the time.
"It definitely had a big effect on me. I mean, the fact that he could do that but then still say, 'But you'll get punished.' He would tell me what it's like to be part of a team and to be at Arsenal and what it means."


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