Bellerin: It only takes one person to cause change

As an outspoken advocate for change, Hector Bellerin has long attracted praise and criticism in equal measure on social media.

But why do people react so strongly to those who dare to be different? This is what our right-back told Arsenal Media.

on why people react badly to people who act differently...
I think change is always scary for a lot of people. People think that because we are living in a certain way for the last 20 years, we should be living in the same way in the 20 years after, and it is not like this. The world keeps evolving, society keeps solving problems to get new ones. There's things that you could say 20 years ago that you can't say anymore. I think people are afraid of all this change. It always takes one person to raise this issue in order to change. Like it happened with Martin Luther King, you know, when so many people must have been like 'this guy is crazy’, but then thanks to people like him, as a society, we are where we are today and we're still not even halfway to where we should be. It's important to have people like that in order to progress and to be better people and to have a better world.

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