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Arteta - We have a responsibility against Watford

Nobody would have thought that we would have such a key say in the Premier League relegation fight. 

Our defeat at Aston Villa meant Watford dropped into the bottom three, in need of a win in their final game of the season. Against Arsenal. At Emirates Stadium.
And despite a Wembley final looming in the horizon, Mikel Arteta says we have a responsibility to give our full focus to Sunday's game.
"I am going to assess the squad, how they're feeling, how everyone has recovered and ideally I want to play as strong a team as I can," he said. "We have to respect that there are a few teams in a relegation battle and we are responsible for that as well.
That's the way we will prepare the game that's for sure, we need to know the responsibility we have towards the other clubs and the responsibility we have wearing the shirt in any game. It has to be to win the football game and prepare so if mentally you are not ready, or your level of dedication is not 100 per cent, then you have a problem.
"A strong side doesn't mean that players that have played less will not participate. For me, it's more about how we approach the game and how we go into that game to win the game. That is not 50/0, there is no lack of intensity, anything like that. We cannot do that.
"We have to do what we have to do and we can only be responsible for how we perform and approach the football matches. In the same way as I'm saying it's a reflection of what you have done in 10 months, after it cannot be just a reflection of what you've done in one or two games so I think it works the same way for everybody."

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