Arteta: ‘We have opened the window’

Our victory over Manchester United on Sunday has ensured that our title charge will go all the way to the wire.

After 37 games, we are back on top of the table – one point clear of Manchester City – though the reigning champions have a game in hand, away to our neighbours Tottenham on Tuesday.

Regardless of that result though, we have a chance of winning the league when we host Everton on the final day.

“This result open another box, another window, which is the last day of the season,” Mikel Arteta said at full-time at Old Trafford. “Fighting for the Premier League in front of our people, with our families who are there. And we're going to live an amazing day together.

“I can't wait to live that,” he added. “We talked about it yesterday and let’s open that door. Football is about moments and enjoying this journey and that last day is going to be something that I don't know how many times we're going to live together. So let's enjoy, let's prepare what to do, what we have to do, and hopefully a great outcome could happen.”

We will go into that game on the back of a five-match winning streak, having recorded only our second league win at Old Trafford in the past 17 seasons.

“It's a huge win,” the boss said. “Our history wasn't particularly positive towards this game and with everything that was at stake, we knew what we needed and we had to deal with that pressure and with that demand.

“I think we started the game really well. We scored a great goal and then, yeah, I think the game context and the scoreline affected the team, especially with the things that we had to do to win the ball. We became too flat, too slow, too predictable.

“But then we had to rely as well on our defensive duties. I thought we were excellent again today. We didn't concede much at all and yeah, it's a massive, massive win.”

So we go into the final day hoping to win the league for the first time in 20 years, but whatever happens, we have made history this season for recording the most wins in a 38-game season. This was our 27th of an exceptional campaign so far.

“It will go down to history and big credit to those players and the staff for what we are doing. To achieve that with the long history that we have, that's down a lot to the quality, but as well to the determination and the mentality of this team and how much they want to win and how much they are willing to put in there to get results.”

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