Press conference

Arteta on... the rest of the transfer window

There's a week left of the transfer window and with things hotting up across Europe, it's no surprise that Mikel Arteta was asked about our plans.

Our manager wasn't giving anything away, but this is what he told the media:


on how the transfer window will be effected by the coronavirus…

I don’t have a clue. I think it will depend on how the virus allows our lives to get back to normal. When we start to have some crowds in our stadium, the sponsors to be back on track, there are so many things that at the moment I cannot influence and I cannot respond to.

on if less money being spent in the transfer window might not be a bad thing…

Well, football at the end has to be sustainable so in relation to the resources that we have, you can spend your money how you want to. There are regulators to make sure that that happens and football has a lot of money because it was producing a lot of money and let’s see where this virus takes the game.

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